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Custom designed and painted by the artist, specifically for you.

ART WALLS is a custom designed wall(s) done in abstract art by the artist MOLLY KATE. Clients can discuss with the artist the type of abstract they like, colors, size of wall, walls or room they want done. This is for high end, freehand art, not stencils.

Meet The Artist

The ARTIST, Molly Kate has a passion for bold style, color and design. She is known for her cutting edge art and style. She has used metallics, bold colors, bold patterns and loves black and white. She has an eye for transforming a room with ART WALLS which bring a room to life. ART WALLS are meant to be custom to the application. Depending on the size of the walls or room for the ART WALLS and the customer's preference, Molly Kate will create the abstract ART WALLS as she applies the design, freehand. The ultimate design will be created by all the elements of the space. The end result will be unique, bold and beautiful!

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