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Refurbished Kitchen

Pensacola Co-Living

Rent a private room instead of a whole house or apartment.

Welcome to Pensacola Co-Living, the ultimate destination for modern Co-Living experiences. We believe that living together in a vibrant, supportive community can transform the way we live and connect.


Whether you're a young professional seeking a dynamic environment, a digital nomad craving a network of like-minded individuals, or a student or senior looking for a comfortable and convenient space, Pensacola Co-Living offers a diverse range of meticulously designed co-living spaces. Discover a new way of living where comfort and camaraderie seamlessly blend to create a thriving home.  

Why pay for more room than you need, no need to pay rent for a whole home or apartment...just pay for what you need the most! Your private room, your own oasis, yet you have the conveniences of a fully stocked kitchen and bathroom amenities. 

Our Story

We've been in the real estate business for 23 years and listen to what that customer needs. Today many people need an affordable, safe and pleasant place to call home.

This demand is why we created Pensacola Co-Living in Pensacola Florida. 

Pensacola Co-Living is a collection of rooms available in clean, organized and professionally managed homes instead of the traditional roommate model of moving into someone else's home.

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707 E. Cervantes St. Suite B-155, Pensacola Fl 32501

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