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To the prospective investor: I am privileged to live and work in two of the country’s most desirable cities, Greenville SC and in Pensacola, FL where I have found great opportunities for rental investing and house flipping. I am very diverse in my expertise in real estate investments, renovation and design.


There are several investment opportunities available for investors. I am happy to discuss your particular interest in real estate investing and help you determine what level you qualify for and what is best suited for your financial goals. 

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I am seeking investors for a FLIPORTUNITY FUND. This is a fund I establish for the sole purpose of acquiring and rehabbing homes. You can invest in the fund for a guaranteed rate of return of 10-12%. Your money is secured by the real estate so your money is safe. We insure all our projects to keep your investment secure. If you've ever wanted to invest in real estate.....THIS is the opportunity. You can't get this kind of return in any bank nor will you get this guarantee in any stock or mutual fund!

Schedule a 15 minute call with me

Check out some of my past projects HERE

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