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Hello My Friends, Jenny Lee here and I have built this page for you to find all the wonderful items you have heard me refer to in my courses, blogs, videos and posts. I know you will love these as much as I do, either in staging your properties or furnishing your own home. See the links to purchase your own staging inventory. All the items below were personally selected by me for your success!.

Here is the white sofa I recommend to give your staging a good place to start.

Purple chair similar to the staging above.

Black end tables for each side of sofa.

Favorite coffee table

Horse painting with color

Tall pedestal table, natural

Multi colored wine glasses

Favorite wood serving tray

Yellow dinner plates, etc

The items below are for the kitchen staging like you see in the main photo of this page. Use two of the greenery flower pots for each side of the painting to use above the fireplace.

Above are the lamps for the end tables on each side of the sofa, the rug above goes under the coffee table and part of the sofa. The glass mosaic bowl will be perfect on the coffee table!

Above are pillow covers, there will be a total of 8. I've included a link to a 4 pillow pack, you'll need two for the pillow covers. These pillows are for the sofa and 2 purple chairs.

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