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Do you have a New Year's Resolution?

I am very hopeful this time of year, looking forward to what's ahead in the new year! Like many I always start off sure I'm going to make great changes. Some years I have made great changes and some years NOT. This year however, I'm focusing on the things I've done and had great success, so I am expanding those areas. My goal this year is to focus on the things I enjoy MOST. For me that is REimagining and REdesiging homes!! There are many interests I am considering, for one I am excited about TINY HOMES, so I am exploring the possibilities. The other will be a focus this year and that is MOVING HOUSES! I am really excited about this because it takes an OLD home and saves it from tear down at it's existing location. Then we turn it into something wonderful, revived, fresh and NEW AGAIN! So, follow me on and see the progress....we will also FILM these projects for our REALITY SHOW....PremierHomes.TV

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