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Multi-Generational Housing in Greenville, SC

Are you familiar with Multi-Generational Housing?

This rapidly growing trend is the perfect solution for families to stay close. 2 or more families sharing one property. So many benefits for: elderly or retired parents, adult children, long term visitors, etc. Many families see the value in having their retired parents around full time to help with the children after school, help with cooking and home management. Many times this is a more cost effective solution than the grandparents and grown children living separately. Add in grandchildren and this lifestyle is defiantly a benefit to ALL!

With so many baby boomers retiring, they may need financial assistance or special attention. This is so challenging if they are also located in another property miles away

. With everyone on one property this stress is relieved. It could be very beneficial to a retiree who is living the dream and traveling the world....but need a home base. Multi-generational housing would ease this worry as there is always someone on the property to be aware of emergencies and keep intruders away.

The biggest challenge is finding multi-generational housing and finding this specialty type housing in desirable areas for the best schools, shopping, etc. In California there are builders dedicating entire subdivisions to this trend.

Good News! I have a multi-generational home for sale! The location is AMAZING, just 2 miles from the heart of Woodruff Rd and Mauldin Schools! Find it on my website under the FEATURED tab.

Those of you who follow my work know my penchant for designing homes for the needs of today's families, this is a home I could help you design to meet the custom needs of your family. Contact me if you want to explore the possibilities!

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