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A home is not only a financial investment, but an emotional investment as well as a place to create memories and build dreams. So with that in mind, we Reimagine homes to create the perfect space to meet the buyer's emotional needs.
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Staging presents your property in a LIVING way that speaks to the hearts and imagination of the buyers. Most people cannot imagine a space to its fullest potential, so staging creates the emotional reaction needed for the buyer to fall in love with the home. Staging for a sale can bring you more money for your home and a faster sale. We offer a variety of staging options such as a staging consultation or a furnished staging package in which you can add additional rooms.
AirBNB or Short Term Rental furnishing is also our speciality as we understand people want a different environment than where they live. They want to experience environments that evoke joy, relaxation and happiness. As with staging, short term rentals also create an emotional reaction and we plan our designs with this in mind. We are happy to discuss this further, give us a call 864-325-8019 or send us an email.
We serve the Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, Destin, FL and Pensacola, FL areas. 

Gallery of Staged Rooms

Furnished Staging Package: Design, delivery and setup of staged rooms to include: Front Door, Foyer, Living Room, Dining Room, Breakfast room, Master Bedroom and Kitchen $1,995 
Add on rooms such as: Office, Additional Bedrooms or Living Areas, Movie Lounge, Screen Porch, Outdoor Living. Quoted upon request.
Consultation: If you want to use your own furnishings, we can do In person walk through of your property, full analysis of staging needed, changes to be made and a recommended action plan. 2 Hours maximum. $277
AirBNB or Short Term Rental Design and Furnishing: We have been working with short term rentals set up and design before Airbnb was a thing, LOL! If you are launching your own short term rental we can help as little or as much as you need. We know everything needed from the design, sheets and silverware. Contact us to discuss your plans.
Design finishes: We offer a design finishes service where we will select the color palette to include paint, floor stain, flooring selection, tile selection, counter tops, cabinets or cabinet colors, lighting and fixtures. Give us a call to discuss your design needs.

Staging Before and After with Finish Selection

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